Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones
Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones

Athlete Pro - Bluetooth Earphones

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Active Sound for an Active Body

Explore our earphone & earbud range! ActiveX is committed to offering high-quality earphones that consistently deliver a great sound to all users – while remaining affordable. Enjoy your music and conduct wireless conversations on your phone, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
  • Up to 7h of playtime
  • Almost 160h on standby
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, notebooks and other audio/visual devices
  • Advanced electro-acoustic technology for an enhanced audio experience
  • Voice activated
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Sweatproof
  • Built-In Microphone for quality conversations
  • Connect to 2 Bluetooth-enabled phones at the same time
  • Highly rechargeable battery
  • Light, ergonomic design created specifically for an active lifestyle

REAL HD SOUND AND HIGH OUTPUT SPEAKERS – These are ideal headphones that respond to all the challenges of modern life. It is designed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology, making Athlete Pro the perfect wireless headphones for sports. Be surrounded by rich, impressive stereo sound quality with cutting-edge components. Vivid crisp treble and powerful bass in the gym or on the go - smash your goals and discover your real power!

BLUETOOTH EARBUDS FOR SPORTS - Athlete Pro are designed to be the best Bluetooth earphones for sports. We have modified the ear-hooks, with the aim of giving you extra comfort and extra results. They won't fall out even on your wildest runs! Run and sweat your heart out! These running headphones are IPX4 WATERPROOF and SWEAT-PROOF. Whatever your favorite activity, your perfect sports companion is here!

NO MORE DISTRACTING NOISE - Uninterrupted concentration is real and achievable thanks to these advanced passive noise-cancelling headphones! The super-comfy expandable foam ear-tips won't allow outside noise to interrupt you during your business. Due to the noise-isolating feature, you won't have to blast the volume to get the smallest details - save your eardrums and get the most out of your favourite music!

ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY AND PAIRING - Don't you hate it when your connection breaks in the middle of a perfect music solo, or during an important phone call? Rest assured, this will never happen with Athlete Pro's strong and consistent Bluetooth connection plugged into your device! Connect easier than ever to your smartphone, tablet, TV, computer - pairing takes seconds; HD MICROPHONE AND CALL MANAGEMENT - simply press the button to accept or end the call!

UNSTOPPABLE BATTERY - Go for your longest run yet - and further! Athlete Pro will assist you in your meetings, calls, self-development and more - for upto 7 HOURS straight! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Athlete Pro Bluetooth Headphones comes with 1-Year Warranty 

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ActiveX is amazing digital machine and value to money, easy to use, accurate result & light weight. It had variety of measures which motivates you to keep fit...

Jyoti, Mumbai

Absolutely stunning in design, ease of use, over-whelming information, handy, real life saver in terms of adequate information about your body

Vino, Pune