ActiveX Beginner Fit-Kit 1

ActiveX Beginner Fit-Kit 1

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Be it helping you achieve your fitness goals or assisting you in staying fit for a longer period.

We’re there with you at every step of your journey.

Introduction; ActiveX Fit-kit

ActiveX Fit-Kit is a product of our constant efforts of building trust and relationships with you as our customer. It is not just any regular free gift goodie that you get to add to your cart.

Instead, it’s a well-thought series of products packaged in one kit to help you achieve your fitness goals much sooner than you expect.

What is in the ActiveX Fitkit?

The ActiveX Fit-Kit is a package of tools and resources that will help you maintain a healthy balance between health, nutrition, and fitness. We have designed and curated each item of the Fit-Kit considering primary fitness goals like burning your body’s stubborn fat and attaining lean physic.  

The Fit-Kit includes a Skipping Rope, a Resistance band, a Measuring tape and a Hand gripper.

A. 1 Skipping Rope:

Skipping rope workouts is a fantastic approach for burning fat and improving cardiovascular health.

Continuously jumping over an extensive period of time requires more blood and oxygen to be pumped into working muscles, which causes your heart rate and respiratory rate to increase to meet the increased demand. This strengthens your heart and improves your lung capacity over time, allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time. You can burn around 100-150 calories by performing 10 minutes of skipping rope exercises.

Furthermore skipping exercise not only improve your stamina but also help you burn fat. The best time to perform skipping rope exercises for burning fat is when your glycogen levels are depleted from heavy lifting or resistance training.


B. 1 Resistance Band:

Resistance bands are best known for assisting in performing both isolation and compound exercises. They help you recruit your stabilizer muscles which are significant because they support our larger muscles and joints when we move, and help reduce the risk of injury.

The ActiveX resistance band comes with handle grips present at both ends of the band, making them extremely effective to train. This way you’re less likely to cause any injury compared to weighted exercises.

C. 1 Hand Gripper

The hand gripper is suitable for everyone, including athletes, sports enthusiasts, fitness coaches, musicians, and individuals seeking to exercise their hands, wrists, and fingers. It is perfect for improving the power and flexibility of the forearm, wrists, fingers, and hands, aiding in muscle building, and facilitating the recovery of hand injuries. ActiveX hand gripper is suitable for use in the gym and at home, catering to both men and women. You can exercise anywhere and anytime you want

D. 1 Measuring Tape

 During your fitness journey, a measuring tape becomes an invaluable tool to monitor changes in your body circumference over time. Regularly measuring key areas like waist, hips, and thighs allows you to track progress and stay motivated as you witness positive changes in your body shape. This record of body measurements helps set realistic goals and make informed adjustments to your fitness routine and nutrition plan. With the measuring tape as a tangible reminder of your dedication to health and fitness, it becomes an essential companion on your transformative journey.

Remember, the ActiveX Fit-Kit is worth more than a thousand rupees,
but we're giving it away for Free!!! You only need to pay the shipping cost.

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ActiveX is amazing digital machine and value to money, easy to use, accurate result & light weight. It had variety of measures which motivates you to keep fit...

Jyoti, Mumbai

Absolutely stunning in design, ease of use, over-whelming information, handy, real life saver in terms of adequate information about your body

Vino, Pune

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