Body composition scale V/S BMI scale

Body composition scale V/S BMI scale

Body Composition vs BMI? Which metric should you rely on when embarking on your fitness journey? What’s the difference between both? Which one has a better approach in giving body stats? If you have any such questions, then stick around because today we are going head-to-head with the Body Composition and BMI scale to find out which metric you can go for without any second thought.

Many people must be familiar with the term BMI if not Body Composition while visiting a doctor or any health website that assesses how healthy you are solely based on your height and weight .Both these methods do not give an accurate picture of overall health, but we can say body composition comes remarkably close to that as compared to BMI.

Now let’s differentiate between Body Composition Scale and BMI Scale.

BMI Scale:

BMI or Body Mass Index is a method of determining body fat based on your height and weight. BMI is calculated by diving the weight to the square of the height.

It gives no information about the body stats, body parameters, hence, it is not a suitable scale and as we all have different body types, health goals, and the standard method does not fit everyone’s goals. BMI just determines your health regardless of your body type and gender thus making it less reliable.

Body Composition Scale:

Body composition scales give us the percentage of fat, muscle, bone, and water in the body. The body composition scale gives us the overall idea of an individual’s health by analyzing essential body parameters such as body fat, body mass, skeletal weight, fat-free weight, metabolism rate, and much more.

It is more reliable than BMI as it can give us a clear picture of whether the weight change is due to muscle gain, muscle loss, fat gain, or fat loss. It gives a clear picture of our overall health so we can assimilate and work on the weaker areas of the body.

Remember, you can improve only what you can measure. Therefore, we strongly recommend opting Body Composition Scale over BMI Scale.

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