Daily Weight Fluctuation.

Daily Weight Fluctuation.

When someone sets a new weight loss goal, their instinctive reaction may be to step on the scale twice a day and hope for a consistently lower number each time. Daily weight fluctuations are, however, normal. Just because that number fluctuates from one day to the next doesn't imply you're not on pace for long-term weight loss or increase. 

So, if you're curious, "Why does my weight change so much?" keep reading because we'll dispel some popular misconceptions about daily weight fluctuation.

Weight fluctuation daily isn't a major issue. The weight of a human body varies about 2-3 kg regularly. Let us look at the most common reasons for daily weight fluctuation:

Water Retention: 

Your body may retain water if you eat foods high in salt and carbs. Until the bloat goes away, your weight may rise. By avoiding sugary drinks and processed foods, you may be able to reduce water retention. Adding potassium- and magnesium-rich items to your diet can also help you maintain a healthy sodium balance.

Excessive Carb Intake:

If you eat a lot of bread, pasta, rice, and other starchy carbs, your weight increase could be due to your carb intake. To store the fuel source, your body retains around three grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate consumed.

Workout Sessions: 

Sweating and losing water weight are also possible side effects of exercise. During exercise, especially strenuous aerobic exertion, the average person loses from 25 to 45 ounces of fluid each hour, according to experts. Thus, you feel tired and light. 

Aside from these common causes, there are plenty of other medical reasons for fluctuation in the weight of a normal person. 

This can lead to confusion if you have a fitness goal, and you can’t keep your weight in check as it keeps on fluctuating. To avoid this confusion the best way is to weigh yourself once a day.

The optimal time to weigh yourself is after you perform your morning rituals. By doing this daily, you'll be able to meticulously maintain your weight by addressing the issue of weight fluctuation.

To Conclude 

Weight fluctuations on a daily or even weekly basis are typical and normally don't cause concern. However, if your weight varies more than 6 pounds in any way over six months, you should consult a doctor or other healthcare expert. This could be a symptom of an underlying health condition or a side effect of a medicine you're taking.