ActiveX Ivy Plus

ActiveX Ivy Plus

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ActiveX Ivy Plus is for all the fitness freaks out there who are aware that knowing just your body weight is not enough for to know how fit you are. ActiveX Ivy Plus for everyone who like to keep a track on their fitness progress and does not compromise on their fitness goals. ActiveX Ivy Plus comes with free ActiveX which helps you keep a track on your weight and BMI both.

This smart scale is safe to use for everyone incl infants, Pregnant women and those with implants.

1. Know Your BMI with ActiveX Ivy Plus

Know the estimate of your overall health with ActiveX Ivy Plus - a mandatory ritual before starting any fitness journey.

2. Always Stay on Cutting Edge of Health &Fitness

Figure out if you are healthy in accordance with your height and weight with ActiveX Ivy Plus, a smart BMI scale.

3. Sleek and Elegant Design

ActiveX Ivy Plus boasts a durable and sleek design with toughened glass and rounded corners which can manoeuvre anywhere you like without an effort.