Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite
Savvy + Quanty Lite

Savvy + Quanty Lite

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Fitness is 70% Nutrition and 30% Exercise.

Reaching your fitness goal is not all about exercise but also optimising your calorie intake. Study shows 80% of people struggle to achieve their goals because they do not control their nutrition. And tweaking your overall nutrition would make a huge difference between reaching your goals or hitting the wall.

Hence, we made this special combo offer just for you to help you reach your Fitness Goal sooner. It includes

1. ActiveX Savvy Body Composition Scale

2. ActiveX Quanty Digital Kitchen Scale

ActiveX Savvy:

1. Stay on the cutting edge of health and fitness: ActiveX Savvy will be your acquaintance on your fitness journey. Designed specifically to keep your health & fitness goals in mind. You can set goals, track the progress, and get a complete insight into your body's essential body parameters with ActiveX Savvy.

2. Stay motivated as you can now monitor your progress: ActiveX not only empowers you with the right information but also keeps you motivated by tracking your progress and essential body parameters with unmatched accuracy with the help of the ActiveX app.

3. Ideal for All Family Members: ActiveX Savvy allows multiple users to store their data. So, you can keep track of your dear ones as well separately via the ActiveX app.

ActiveX Quanty Lite:

1. Accurate & Precise: The digital food scale features instant and accurate response. It gives accurate results in 4 units: gram(g), ounce(oz), pound(lb), milliliter(ml), pound:ounce(lb:oz), with 1g/ 0.04oz division, and weighs from 1g to 5kg, 0.04oz to 11lbs.

2. User-Friendly: The kitchen scale is designed with a food-grade glass platform for easy cleaning and maintenance. it features responsive and easy-to-reach buttons. Fast to boot up and converts between units very fast, allowing you greater flexibility in using it.

3. EASY TARE: Convenient tare button for tare calculation allows you to subtract the weight of a plate or container, making it easy to get an accurate amount of food or ingredients.

4. Clear Display: The food scale features a clear and Large LCD display. We have included an extra CR2032 battery for your convenience

5. Practical Design: Compact and Lightweight design makes it easy to store in your drawer. Exquisite workmanship makes it fit nicely on the kitchen counter. Comes with a 1-year warranty and proactive customer support.

Stay on Cutting Edge of Health and Fitness

Smart scales designed for your health & fitness goals.Helps you see your complete picture and to keep a track on your progress.

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Stay Motivated as you can now monitor your progress

Ideal for all Family members


ActiveX is amazing digital machine and value to money, easy to use, accurate result & light weight. It had variety of measures which motivates you to keep fit...

Jyoti, Mumbai

Absolutely stunning in design, ease of use, over-whelming information, handy, real life saver in terms of adequate information about your body

Vino, Pune

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